The Happiness and Positivity Club

Pictured, members of the Happiness and Positivity Club holding up inspirational quotes that were later hung around LRHS. The club strives to make Leesville a more positive place. (Photo Courtesy of Sawyer Lisk)

The Happiness and Positivity Club is one of Leesville Road High School’s newest clubs. 

It was founded by Kaylee O’Brien in the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year.

On the third Tuesday of every month, the members of the happiness and positivity club join together to learn about different ways to boost happiness and mental health. 

Some of the topics members have learned about include the importance of having healthy relationships and how celebration can increase happiness.

During every meeting, the club members work together on activities that can spread joy to the students and staff around the school community. Some of these activities allow students to gain service hours if needed.

This year, members created staff appreciation cards, compliment boards, and inspirational posters. 

“I enjoy the activities we do because they are fun and creative,” said Daniela Schemenauer, sophomore. 

The club is very laid back, and everyone is welcome to join.

There are free snacks available to members at every meeting. 

Along with the snacks, there are occasionally prizes and goodies, such as stress balls and plushies, that are given complimentary to all attendees. 

During activity time, members are always laughing and having a good time together while music is playing in the background.

Although the Happiness and Positivity club had its last meeting earlier this week, the club is still going to be holding meetings during the upcoming school year.

Overall, joining the club is a great idea.

“I always have a good time and I enjoy seeing my friends,” said Sarah Lynn Rajaratnam, sophomore.

The Happiness and Positivity club is perfect if you are hoping to make friends and learn about boosting your inner happiness. 

Everyone is welcome to attend club meetings, so might as well stop by next year. Who knows, you might love it!


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