Sakamoto Days Anime

A promotional image for the “Sakamoto Days” manga. The protagonist Taro Sakamoto (second from left) fights powerful assassins from his previous life to protect his family. (Photo courtesy of Shueisha)

Recently, TMS Entertainment released the first trailer for the studio’s upcoming anime, Sakamoto Days. The series (based on Yuuto Suzuki’s original manga) follows Taro Sakamoto, a legendary hitman who gave up his life of crime to run a convenience store with his new family.

The trailer, released by TMS Entertainment, shows off the adaptation’s impressive animation and showcases many short clips from the first few episodes of the series. The short video displays both the series’ high-octane action, as well as its calmer comedy moments.

Sakamoto Days is set to have many prolific animators working on the show. The series will be directed by Bakumatsu director Masaki Watanabe, and character design will be headed by You Moriyama, who has previously worked on shows like Death Note, Attack on Titan and Dr. Stone. The anime’s production studio, TMS Entertainment, has previously released highly-acclaimed and action-packed anime such as Lupin III and Baki Hanma.

While the entire voice cast of the anime has not been announced, TMS Entertainment revealed that voice actor Tomokazu Sugita will take on the lead role of Taro Sakamoto. Sugita is a very prolific anime voice actor, as he has previously voiced characters such as Gintoki Sakata in “Gintama,” Katakuri in “One Piece” and Joseph Joestar in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.”

The “Sakamoto Days” anime has been scheduled to release in January 2025, but no official announcement has been made on where it will be streaming.


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