Jojo Siwa a trending artist with a new image

This is a photo of Jojo Siwa and a female dancer from the Karma music video. After this song was released, many began to criticize Jojo Siwa on the internet, giving her incredible media relevance. (Photo used with permission of Rate Your Music)

Jojo Siwa is a name that has been trending on the internet in recent months because of her new image. 

Since the release of her song, “Karma”, in April 2024, the internet has been all over Siwa and the controversy revolving around the songs origination, claiming that she had stolen lyrics that had belonged to Mylie Cyrus and Brit Smith. 

Siwa has responded to the allegations by claiming that she didn’t steal the song, telling TMZ reporters on April 12, “I did not steal anything” and “there is no such thing as stealing.”

As time passed, the internet eventually grew tired of the controversy created around Jojo Siwa, that is until teasers for a song titled “Choose Your Fighterwere released on TikTok and YouTube, bringing relevancy back to Siwa.

Although Siwa gained slightly more popularity with the release of this new song, most of the feedback received was negative. Many criticizing the lyrics and the voice in the song, claiming that Siwa had stolen the vocals from the original artist.


Since Siwa’s transformation, the internet has been able to witness the drastic changes she has made in many aspects. Her style, the topics of the songs she releases, and even her public persona have changed entirely.

Both her songs, “Karma” and “Choose Your Fighter”, have lyrics that heavily revolve around her past relationships with Avery Cyrus and Katie Mills, alluding to topics such as cheating or using Siwa for fame.

As videos began to trend of Jojo Siwa’s upcoming song, people began to criticize the lyrics heavily. “She keeps singing songs about her exes when she only has two, she needs to move on from them,” said Victoria Taton, senior.  

Eventually, people began to question if it was even Siwa’s voice over the track for a majority of the song, claiming that it sounded like a completely different person. Emeline, the original creator of the song, was given credit for the vocals, claiming that Siwa should give credit to the artist for stealing her work.

Comments all across her social media accuse her of stealing Emeline’s vocals while continuing to hate on Siwa’s choice to remix the song. “It doesn’t even sound like her in the song, it sounds like they just autotuned the original song,” said Syd Worth, junior. 

Siwa has yet to respond to the controversy related to the alternate vocals, but instead releasing a video to TikTok on June 1, 2024, battling the idea that she was stealing songs by stating “I don’t WRITE my songs. I SING them,” claiming that she is a singer, not a songwriter. 

Public Presence

From the beginning of Jojo Siwa’s transformation, she has made sure to keep her presence on the internet by posting regularly on social media to promote her songs.

However, one recent event soared her back into the limelight; her trip to Disney World.

People quickly began to mock Siwa’s actions, claiming that she was faking being drunk for attention.  “It was embarrassing to watch, she should have a better social media manager.” said Ava Kapuscinksi, senior.

Very soon after she gained the internet’s attention with her antics while performing Disney’s Drink Around The World, she announced the upcoming release of Choose Your Fighter

Siwa continues to promote her transformation from childish music with various social media containing inappropriate themes or using vulgar language while the internet continues to ridicule her. 

The release date for Choose Your Fighter has not yet been confirmed, however versions of the song can be found on YouTube, released by unofficial accounts. 


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