Review of Take a Bite Song by Beabadoobea

The official song cover with a blue background that makes Bea’s dark hair and complexion stand out. She seems to be singing part of her song. (Photo Courtesy of Spotify)

Beabadoobea or also known as Beatrice(Bea) Laus was born in the Philippines with her family but her parents moved her to the United Kingdom at the early age of three. Bea wanted to become a preschool teacher and started releasing music in 2017.

Her most viral song, “death bed (coffee for your head)” released in 2020 took off on TikTok and social media catapulting her into fame. Additionally Beabadoobea supported Taylor Swift on the Eras tour allowing her to catch more attention. 

My favorite album of Bea’s is her 2020, Fake It Flowers album. It is a great album filled with alternative music. On different social media, Bea has been sharing snippets of her new song. She finally released it on May 9, 2024 her first single since 2023. Listen to “Take a Bite” here on Spotify

I can say that at first I was in love with the song snippet, but I was also disappointed because I felt like Bea released and let go of too much of her song before it was released. 

For example, the day before she decided to release the lyrics of “Take a Bite” through an automated Instagram DM on April 26, 2024, from her Instagram @radvxz. I was disappointed because I like the surprise of the music. I like exploring it on my own, but I felt less compelled to get excited because of the advanced prerelease. 

Because of the fact above, I felt like I had already listened to the song, so when it did release I felt I had already heard it. Overall — though the song is pretty decent — I would rate it a 8 out of 10. It has a catchy melody and catchy lyrics. Ultimately, it is a love song, but it also is a confession that acknowledges that you are the problem. The only issue about this song is the “take a bite” lyric as It confuses me. Taking a bite of what? Want to do what all over again? I assume that’s also about a relationship but I can’t connect to it emotionally. 

Other than the confusing lyrics I do enjoy listening to “Take a Bite, “ it feels like a good song to listen to in a situationship or heartbreak with the windows down in the car. Additionally with the release of her song “Beabadoobea” announced her next upcoming album, This is How Tomorrow Moves. If I enjoy her upcoming third studio album, then I might just review that too.


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