What will we do without TikTok?

Students spend a lot of time on their phones, specifically TikTok. While this student was on her phone, others were conversing. (Photo courtesy of Gabriella Cueto)

TikTok, formerly known as Music.ly, is an extremely popular source of entertainment since July 2015. This app is recognized for short snippets, dance challenges, and lip-syncing. 

But, what would happen if this app was suddenly gone? How would this affect our lives? This could become a reality in the U.S.

The company that owns the app has an ultimatum by U.S. officials to either sell the app or the app will be banned. The company has nine months to do so or the app will be banned in the U.S..

Without the entertainment of TikTok, teens will likely seek entertainment on other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

TikTok has appealed to many users due to the short videos which don’t require a long amount of time or attention. This app has a feature called the for-you page which is a curated feed of videos of people you might not follow.

Based on past videos that you’ve liked the algorithm thinks you will enjoy the ones that come up on the for-you page.

Instagram has a feature that is somewhat like TikTok called Instagram Reels, which are short videos. Snapchat has a similar feature called Spotlight which has short snippets and random thirst traps. There are other platforms that have this similar for short reels like Facebook reels and YouTube shorts.

“I would say I spend a good amount of time on my phone and most of that time is spent on  TikTok or Snapchat. I think I would be fine without TikTok because there are other apps I can use,” said Olivia Duford, sophomore.

Instead of spending most of you’re time on this app you can interact with other things. Teens may watch TV and movies instead of scrolling through TikTok. Without being distracted by TikTok teens might binge-watch their favorite shows or discover new ones.

“Most of the time when my TV is playing a show. I’m not watching it — I’m just on my phone doing other things or scrolling on Instagram or TikTok,” said Issac Rivas, freshman.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Those who use the app will be forced to spend time discovering other hobbies like making crafts, hanging out with friends, or just chilling without technology. 

Opening a book may be the last result, but instead of being on a screen you could go to your nearest library and check out a book.

While there are many benefits to living without this app, there are downsides as well. Some teens use TikTok to show their talents, make friends, or even make money. 

TikTok is very useful for the music industry. Many songs became famous or trendy because of TikTok. Songs like “Boys a Liar”, “Ick”, and “Deli” may not be as popular without this platform.

Without the platform, it will be harder for new up-and-coming artists to acquire recognition and for teens to find new music to listen to. 

While other platforms have different settings for finding new music, the sounds that are stuck in our heads come from TikTok.

In the end, there are benefits and downsides to this app. With the upcoming ban of this app your time can be spent on other things like hobbies, schoolwork, etc.


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