Jazz Band Performance

Nina Whittington is welcomed onto the stage after her performance in Orange Colored Sky. This is one of the new pieces the Jazz Band learned post MPAs.(Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Taylor)

This Thursday May 9th the Intermediate, Concert, Jazz bands played their spring concert along with Orchestra. One of the performances stood out from the rest with the Jazz Band having more pizzazz.

They started off with two of the pieces from this year’s MPAs where they got superior, those two pieces being “Moanin” and “Lady in The Lavender Mist.” While the regular bands will all come out and sit down to play before they start, the Jazz Band decided to have a staggered entrance starting with saxophones and ending with trumpets.

Their newest piece “Orange Colored Sky” they had just started practicing two weeks before and with only 2 Jazz Band meetings a week they had 4 performances to learn the piece and perfect it; they truly did. With the addition of Nina Whittington performing the vocals they truly over performed for the short amount of time they had to prepare

The Jazz Band ended the night with the Piece by Benny Carter and His Chocolate Dandies “Symphony In Riffs”. This is also one of the pieces that they performed or MPAs. Throughout the piece, they had many solos to show off some of the best people in Jazz Band, such as Henry Cash,bass, and Aidan Quinn, trombone.

Overall this is one of the best performances The Jazz Band lead By Mr. C has ever performed at Leesville, and I applaud the many members of Jazz Band and Mr. Cvijanovic the Conductor of Jazz Band.



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