Inaugural LRHS senior kickball game

The Leesville staff kickball team participated in the senior kickball game. The staff team played the ¨all star¨ team of senior participants. (Photo courtesy of Cameron Broer)

On Friday, May 17, the graduating class of 2024 came together to play a friendly tournament of kickball.

There were four senior teams — Pinky Winky, Any Means Possible, Meet the Grams, and Bhad Pitches — and a total of 4 games played.

Pinky Winky and Any Means Possible played each other in the opening game, with Pinky Winky taking the win, advancing them to the senior championship game.  

In the following game, Bhad Pitches took the win against Meet the Grams.

The championship was a heated, competitive game, but in the end, Pinky Winky came out stronger and earned the championship place. 

The senior team to face the teachers, was composed of 3 best players (2 boys and 1 girl) from each participating team. While the staff put up a good fight, the students beat them 6-3.

Mr. Hart, a social studies teacher who participated in the game, said, ¨I think the kickball game was very successful, very fun, very competitive, but very glad no one got hurt and that everyone was good sports.¨

Not only did the game bring enjoyment and memories, but it also served a good cause, as it was a canned food drive for entry. The event had over 200 donations of canned food products. 

Hopefully, this senior kickball game marks the beginning of a new Leesville Loonie senior tradition.

¨This should be a tradition started by the class of 2024 that goes on forever,¨ said Gabi Batista, senior.


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