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Leesville Road High School students are in the midst of choosing their classes for the upcoming school year. While choosing classes for some students is easy, others find it challenging.

Leesville Road High School has a very broad course selection where students can pick throughout the numerous classes and elective courses. 

Rising seniors have priority in the selection of classes. Most are choosing classes that will set them on track for graduation.

The upcoming juniors gain more leeway when it comes to choosing their classes. They are now able to pick more AP classes.

However, choosing which classes will benefit your schedule and GPA is tricky. 

“It’s hard trying to get enough classes to boost your GPA but find a balance in the workload. If you choose too many APs, then you don’t have enough time to study and do well in your classes. If you don’t choose enough you won’t be able to boost your GPA to where you want it to be,” said by an anonymous junior. 

Juniors are preparing their schedules in a way that is not extremely time-consuming, manageable, and looks good on their transcripts all while maintaining a social life. 

Every student has a different experience with each class they take. A class that other students have found easy may be more difficult for you. 

You may be wondering who chooses the schedule in which your classes go in each semester. Well, the system that is used to generate class schedules is Powerschools.

This is why some students have really tough schedules in one semester and not the other. 

Class registration has ended. If you need any help regarding your schedule contact your counselor. 


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