LRHS French Club 

Salma Mekki, junior, and Rebeka Mayerova, junior, designed their own French outfits at the last LRHS French club meeting on February 22. The meeting was around French Fashion as one of their topics. (Photo used with permission of Abby Coughlin)

The LRHS French club had a recent meeting on Thursday, February 22 — meetings usually takes place every 4th Thursday of each month in room 209. It starts right after school and goes from 2:30 to 3:00 pm. 

Enrollment in a French class or experience is not required since the club is all about hanging out with other students and sharing an interest in learning more about French traditions. French food, such as Croissants, is always provided for the students to feel more connected to the culture firsthand. 

Riley Mullen, the club president, and the other officers especially enjoy sharing their passion for France and French culture with the others and therefore invite everybody to have fun and exchange their experiences. 

Each one of the officers helps prepare for the club by creating presentation slides to inform about specific topics. The presentations are held in every meeting talking about French people, traditions, and values. 

Abby Coughlin, sophomore, is one of the historians of the club and helps prepare for each meeting. She decided to join the club as one of the leaders this year for multiple reasons.

“I witnessed the leadership team last year and I thought that everybody […] did a great job during the settings and I just wanted to be a part of that,” said Coughlin.

Couglin’s favorite part is sharing French food with her friends and learning more about French culture in general.

“We have food at every meeting and […] each meeting we have a new topic that centers around French culture then we play games relating to the topic,” said Couglin. 

Coughlin recommends students at Leesville to join the club — “It’s casual, super fun and very low commitment and it’s a great way to get involved at Leesville.”

At club meetings, learning about French culture is always connected with fun and games which makes it easier for the students to enjoy and understand the traditions. 

Salma Mekki, junior, is an exchange student at Leesville this year and came from France. She went to the last LRHS French club meeting on February 22, and enjoyed seeing the American perspective on France.

“It was fun because we talked about prejudices, food, and fashion,” said Mekki. “I saw some of my friends and met new people and I think everyone should join the French club because it is an easy way to learn about another culture and you meet a lot of new people. Then she added: “They are all so nice and I love the atmosphere there,” with a smile.


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