Is Elmo Scary?

A viral meme of Elmo in front of a fire is used by many on social media platforms like TikTok, this photo is a recreation of such memes. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

The widely popular show Sesame Street features a red puppet named Elmo. He introduced his audience to all his friends on the show, learning about numbers, letters, and simple life skills among many, but is the Elmo character scary to young children?

“Elmo was very scary for me as a kid,” said Jeremy Vargas, sophomore. Numerous students at Leesville say that he was scary to them as a child in many ways.

“I went to a Sesame Street show when I was younger, and they were really large, so I thought they were that large on TV,” said Anonymous. 

The character Elmo, along with some of his friends, are puppets, who are moved by people not seen on camera. These characters are often portrayed by people in costumes for face-to-face interactions, making the characters seem scary to younger kids.

Many have a fear of Elmo, but the fear comes from a different experience. “I had like the Tickle Me Elmo doll thing, and I had like a dream that its eyes were glowing,” said Vargas. 

Experiences like this, derived from the person’s brain, are hard to combat since no one experiences the same thing as the other.

This fear of Elmo is more commonly heard about with observation by younger children, who most of them eventually grow out of. 

“Um No I don’t think, so it’s a fear I’ve grown out of,” said anonymous. Many people who have this fear growing up, don’t have these same feelings as they grow.

Many people have taken these old fears that they have and turned them into something that benefits them. Some people have unturned this fear into memes, stories, and videos that they post on social media for the benefit of others.

All the fear of Elmo mainly affects younger kids. It has affected many but is something that most people can grow out of.


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