Swipe Right on Success: Why Every Senior Should have a LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a company and networking site that operates via websites and mobile apps. A LinkedIn profile is a fantastic way for students to tell others who they are and what they do by providing a basic background of their work life and accomplishments. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain).

Whether you realize it or not, not all work opportunities are advertised on standard platforms or pamphlets. Sometimes an organization only wants to find that one exceptional individual, but if they don’t effectively promote themselves, they won’t be discovered. This is why many companies utilize LinkedIn as a recruiting source.

As an incoming college freshman, I strongly believe having a profile on LinkedIn has helped both my academic and professional development. Through my profile and ability to connect with others, I was able to establish relationships with legislators and individuals in my future professional field.

This opportunity has provided me with shadowing experiences, internships, and even job interviews. As a result, I feel that having a profile will help seniors in pursuing their intended path of study or employment.

A LinkedIn profile can help you network in a number of ways, including:

Meeting Future Employers:

Ever heard of the saying: “It is not what you know, but who you know”? 

WRONG… It’s not who you know or what you know, it’s who knows you and what they know about you.

Creating a profile that highlights your academic and extracurricular abilities not only demonstrates that you value work and education, but also encourages others to invest their time and effort in engaging with you. Developing these connections at an early age can lead to valuable connections for internships, jobs, and guidance.

This is echoed by Benjamin Pappas, senior at LRHS:  “I got a LinkedIn when I started working as a lifeguard sophomore year of high school. I was going to have to get one eventually, so why wouldn’t I start when I got my first job? I can also follow people in professional positions I find interesting, which allows me to begin developing a professional path I might be interested in.”

Professional Development:

This site facilitates looking for internships and jobs by providing personalized options based on the characteristics and skill sets listed by a certain brand or firm.

Branding yourself:

A compelling profile can make a good first impression on future employers, admissions officers, scholarships organizations.

“Linkedin is very helpful for getting employers to notice you, having a professional way to keep up with people, and keeping organized,” said Chloe Lassiter, senior.

Colleges & Life after HS:

LinkedIn can be a useful resource for learning about companies, schools, and graduate programs.

“Colleges find your social media pages to learn more about your personal interests and habits, so LinkedIn can provide them with a view into the early stages of your professional networking,” said Pappas.

Many people don’t know that colleges and institutions look at social media when analyzing an application, therefore having a LinkedIn profile tells them you care about your professional  life as much as your social life. 

There are many benefits to having LinkedIn, and while these are just a few, I hope they may have impacted your decisions of starting a profile.


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