EA Sports College Football 25

College Football 25 is a sports video game centered around NCAA college football. The game is anticipated amongst college football fans and video game players. (Photo used with permission of EA)

Electronic Arts (EA) is developing a new college football video game, College Football 25.

College football fans and video game players are ecstatic about the revival of the beloved EA NCAA football game series.

The upcoming game will be the first NCAA Football game released since EA NCAA Football 14, which released over ten years ago.

As of now, EA has announced the general outline for the game but has yet to release a trailer featuring gameplay or aspects of the game.

Although there is no trailer yet, EA did release a teaser video to create hype for the upcoming game. (Click this link to view the teaser.)


The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X/S users. As of February 27, there is no confirmation if PC users will have access to the game.

Cross-platform play will be enabled, allowing XBOX users to compete against PlayStation or other XBOX users.

EA has confirmed several game modes, several based on modes used in the Madden series.

These modes include:

  • Dynasty mode – Allows users to control college football teams from on-field actions to off-field, like recruiting and NIL.
  • Road To Glory – Allows users to play as a singular player and guide them through their college career.
  • Ultimate Team – Allows users to assemble a team of players from various teams and compete against others.

A unique feature the game will have is the ability for users to customize conference alignment as they wish. Users have the ability to put group of 5 teams, like Bowling Green, into a powerhouse conference like the SEC and lead them to a championship.

Release Details

A specific date has yet to be established, however, EA confirmed that the game will release in the summer of 2024.

Journalists have created a projected date for the game, being July 12, 2024. Users will have the option to purchase an early version for $20-$40 extra.


College Football 25 will have countless unique gameplay features, such as playoffs, bowl games, NIL deals, College Gameday, field storming, college traditions, chants, and more.

Users can compete in the expanded 12-team college football playoff. Along with the playoffs, all 43 bowl games will be available to play.

“I’m most excited for the 12 team playoff format,” said Eva Stikeleather, freshman.

Another unique feature is the ability for users to create NIL deals with their athletes/recruits.

One of the most anticipated additions is the inclusion of College Gameday. The confirmed commentators thus far include Rece Davis, Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Jesse Palmer, Kevin Connors, and David Pollack.

“Having the real announcers will make the game very realistic and make me feel like I’m in the moment,” said Stikeleather.

NCAA Partnership

All 134 FBS teams will be included in the game, and all ten FBS conferences have signed on. Meaning, all power five (SEC, ACC, BIG 10, BIG 12, and PAC-12) and group of five (C-USA, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and AAC) teams will be playable.

FCS and HBCUs will not be featured in College Football 25 but could be included in the future.

All college football players are offered to opt into the game for a $600 bonus and a copy of the game.

Those who opt-in have posted images, such as the one below, to announce their NIL deal with EA.

(Screenshot taken by Andrew Miller of @milticketfour Instagram page)

(Screenshot taken by Andrew Miller of @milticketfour Instagram page)

Unfortunately, coaches and coordinators will not be included in the game, as the game focuses on student-athletes.

Fans are excited and are counting down the days until they can play what could be the next best sports video game.

More updates will be released on EA’s social media accounts, such as Instagram and X.


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