Will there be a Winter Formal?

Pictured are Lucas Casterline (freshman), Nina Whittington (freshman), and Kira White (freshman). They attended the homecoming dance in the auxiliary gym with their friends. (Photo use with permission of Nina Whittington)

This past fall, the Leesville Executive Council put on our school’s first Homecoming dance in 6 years on October 13, 2023. Many students attended this non-formal event hoping to have a semi-formal winter dance, but is the dance still happening?

This fall students hoped for a semi-formal homecoming dance. Instead, a casual dance was hosted in the auxiliary gym following the homecoming football game. It was explained to students that if there was enough attendance at the Homecoming dance, there would be a winter semi-formal dance to follow. About 700 students purchased tickets for the dance in October, giving the school reason that a semi-formal winter dance would be a success.

“It hasn’t been planned and it’s pretty short notice since it was supposed to be at the end of January or February.“ said Ashley Stanziale, sophomore. The Winter formal was something many students were looking forward to and have even picked out dresses and outfits for.

“I attended the homecoming dance because I knew it would create fun memories with friends, and also food hopes of there being a winter formal!” said Nina Whittington, freshman. 

The dance is not currently being planned, and may not be for a while. “We probably won’t be having a winter formal, just because the Executive Council hasn’t met in several weeks, with all our breaks,” said Stanziale.

Many students still have hope for a semi-formal dance, but the planning of the event does not seem to be happening any time soon.


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