This photo shows one of the three available drop-off spots for students and administrators. WAKE Up and READ is accepting books from grade levels k-8. (Photo courtesy of Ashlee Lock)

The WAKE Up and READ event will take place starting January 17, and end on February 17.

The Leesville Road High School Book Club will be hosting this book drive in order to bring awareness to the WAKE Up and READ organization. WAKE Up and READ is in charge of distributing books to elementary and middle school students who are in need in the Wake County area. 

“Their mission is to put books in the hands of elementary and middle [school] kids in Wake County who don’t have access to books over the summer,” said Mrs. Fields, media staff.

Collection boxes for books are located in the media center, front lobby, and lobby of the Murphy building. 

If you are a member of a club and need to collect volunteer hours, talk to Mrs. Fields while dropping books off in the media center.

Individual clubs will be deciding volunteer hours, make sure to discuss hours with your club leaders if you are interested.

“I think if [students] have the resources available to donate books, then they should definitely consider it, because I think it’s helpful for younger students,” said Milo Wegmann, junior.

It is encouraged for every student and staff member to participate in donating books and bring awareness to the WAKE Up and READ organization, so be sure to donate your new and used books today!


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