First preparations for Leesville’s spring musical Mean Girls

Elizabeth Crawley, sophomore, in make-up crew, and Wyatt Prose, junior and actor, preparing for Alice in Wonderland in the fall at Leesville. Crawley is now a make-up assistant crew head for Mean Girls. (Photo courtesy of Daniela Plata)

The Leesville spring musical Mean Girls is coming up on April 17 through 20. Therefore, preparations for it have already started. Not only did the actors have their first readthrough but also the crew sign-ups for the ‘behind the scenes’ part took place this past Tuesday, January 30. 

At the sign-ups, each of the crew heads presented how they were going to be part of the show and what their role was. Additionally, the schedule and all the dates were discussed, such as tech days on the weekends. At the end of the meeting, Leesville students could scan a QR code to access the website for the crew sign-ups. 

If it is house, props, set, light, sound, paint, makeup, hair or costume crew, everybody is welcome to join and thus be part of the show. Students don’t need to have any experience and can sign up for whatever crew they would like. 

Bella Fiduccia, junior, and props assistant crew head, has contributed to the Leesville shows for many years by helping with the props. She first became an assistant crew head last semester when the students prepared for Alice in Wonderland. She really enjoyed the process of planning and creating all the props for the show and learned a lot.

“I joined props crew to be able to be more involved in the school’s theater program. Being a crew head allows me to connect even further with people in my own crew, as well as other crew heads,” said Fiduccia, over text. 

She talks about her favorite part of being a crew head which is show week. Fiduccia says that it has disadvantages, such as the stressful process, but that in the end she always enjoys the time there. 

“Show week is by far my favorite part of the plays and musicals. I will admit that it’s super stressful, but we all form strong bonds and grow even closer in those weeks,” said Fiduccia.

Next to all the preparations that are happening behind the stage, the actors for Mean Girls have started to meet after school. Abby Coughlin, who is a sophomore and a part of the musical’s cast is portraying Teary Girl. She is already very excited for the show to start. 

“I auditioned for the musical because theater is very important to me in my life and I love … creating new experiences and meeting new people all the time,” said Coughlin.

She also enjoys the rehearsals and the time she spends at school which helps her to never get bored. 

“The most fun part about being in a show is all the time I give. I am never bored and I am always doing something after school or on the weekends. It’s just so exciting and every show is different,” said Coughlin. 

“I am so excited for Mean Girls because … it’s modern and it’s high school age … and everyone is going to do great and I just can’t wait,” said Coughlin. 

All the Leesville students who are part of the show, whether it’s behind the scenes or on stage, are very excited to finally present Mean Girls in April. They work a lot and will put all their efforts in it to make the show a success. 


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