Leesville Women’s Lacrosse Tryouts 

Parker Booth (freshman), Ines Hernandez (junior), and Kendall Meining (freshman) at one of the pre-season practices. Leesville girls are preparing for the tryouts with Coach Maya Flake. (Photo Courtesy of Elsa Hermann)

February 14 is the start of the Leesville tryouts for women’s lacrosse. These take place on February 14, 15, and 16 at 4pm. Athletes who are planning to try out are already preparing and excited for the upcoming season. 

Alexis Cook, junior, who played for the LRHS JV team last year, is already experienced. “I’ve been playing lacrosse since my freshman year, and I most like the thrill of playing games,” said Cook.

She especially enjoys being part of a team and is hoping for a successful season this year.

“In this upcoming season, I hope that our team makes it to the playoffs and just wins more games in general,” said Cook.

The coaches for the JV and Varsity teams are new at Leesville this year. Maya Flake as the Varsity coach is very ambitious to bring her team to a successful season. She graduated from Meredith College and helped Meredith win a fourth USA South Regular Season Championship in Lacrosse in 2019. 

Coach Flake offered pre-season practices that have already started and are open to all Leesville girls interested in trying out. These took place at Leesville’s lacrosse field, which is behind the track, 2-3 times a week. 

Additionally, students were able to register for women’s lacrosse pre-season practices at Meredith College. 

Leesville girls had the possibility to go there on Thursdays for four weeks to practice with the Meredith Coach and other lacrosse players from the area. At pre-season practices, students get the chance to already connect with others and prepare for the tryouts together.

Like every year, there are new students that are interested in trying out for lacrosse for the first time this year. The tryouts are open to all the LHRS girls who are interested and registered in DragonFly, even if they have no experience. 

Eleanore Tarry, sophomore, is trying out for the first time this year and has just started playing a few months ago. 

“I went to a few pre-season practices and they went really well. I felt like it helped me get to know some of the other players and definitely the coaches. And since I’m starting from scratch, I did learn a lot overall. So, I feel ready for the tryouts,” said Tarry. 


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