Earth & Sustainability Club’s Bottle Cap Mural

The LRHS Earth and Sustainability Club meets the first Friday of every month in Mrs. Schwinger’s room (1201). The club meetings are open to all who are interested. (Photo used by permission of Katie Carrigan)

After months of planning and preparation, the LRHS Earth and Sustainability Club was finally able to bring their bottle cap mural idea to life.

Katie Carrigan and Clara Davis, co-presidents, had the idea to create a bottle cap mural for LRHS after seeing the one at their middle school, St. Timothy’s.

“When Katie and I started the club I realized we could actually make this project happen because there’s so many helping hands and so many people to help pull it together,” said, Davis, junior.

The creation of the murals would’ve been impossible without the preparation, planning, and collaboration of club officers and members.

During regular club meetings, members would volunteer their time to collect bottle caps, sort bottle caps, and eventually glue the bottle caps to the mural and complete the process.

Carrigan, junior, said, “We had so many people help out with collecting and sorting all the bottle caps…It was a great way to get the club together and create something that represents the club’s legacy.”

Carrigan and Davis knew they wanted the murals to be a group effort that reflected the spirit and goals of Earth and Sustainability club. 

The murals are made of 100% recycled materials, including even the plywood the bottle caps are stuck to. 

Davis said, “We really wanted the murals to not only draw attention and be eye-catching, but really represent the goal of the club and the message we try to put out with sustainability.”

In the end, after a long process and extensive time and work put in by the club, the murals were finally completed on Feb 2, 2024

Davis and Carrigan were even able to show off the final product at the rising freshman orientation.

“It was amazing seeing people’s reaction to the mural and seeing how it really just drew people in… so many people were so impressed by the fact that the mural was made purely out of bottle caps and it really just couldn’t have gone any better,” said Davis.

The club is currently in the process of trying to get permission to hang the murals around the school as a visual representation of the club’s legacy, message, and overall goal to increase the natural beauty of the school through sustainability.

To find information on the next club meeting, be sure to visit the club’s Instagram page at @lrhsearthclub.


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