Student Spotlight: Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn, clad in concert black, celebrating after the recent LRHS Jazz Band performance on 12/14. During the piece “Limbo Jazz,” Aidan Quinn featured by performing an extensive trombone solo. (Photo Courtesy of Milo Wegmann)

Aidan Quinn, junior, is a trombonist in the Leesville Symphonic and Jazz Band and has dedicated himself to the performing arts ever since middle school.

Aidan started his musical career as a member of Andrew Paluszak’s concert band at Pine Hollow for the three years he attended middle school, even performing virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting in high school, Aidan was originally part of the LRHS Intermediate Band, but tried out for and joined the LRHS Symphonic Band at the beginning of his sophomore year. Quinn has quickly risen through the ranks of the Symphonic Band. 

“He went from being brand new last year, to being a section leader this year, which is quite an escalation in responsibility,” said Adrian McCall, junior and drum major of the LRHS Symphonic Band.“He’s very enthusiastic about his music, and you always have the sense he’s really enjoying what he’s doing with it.”

The Symphonic Band is Leesville’s most prestigious ensemble, featuring both concert and marching performances. The Symphonic Band is also lauded for receiving “Superior Ratings at the NCBA Music Performance Adjudication in Grade VI.”

Throughout his time with the Leesville Symphonic Band, Aidan has participated in numerous, very distinguished musical opportunities. Some of his most notable opportunities include performing at UNC Greensboro, touring Europe with the band, and even performing with the prestigious Macy’s Great American Marching Band at this years’ Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

After intensive auditions, Macy’s selected Quinn to participate in the Macy’s Day Parade’s Great American Marching Band joining a cohort of 184 high school students from across the nation.”Performing in the parade itself was exhilarating,” said Quinn. “It felt like a much shorter route than it actually was because of the adrenaline.”

Aidan and his fellow bandmate Naomi Eley were the first Symphonic Band members Leesville had sent to this esteemed ensemble.

While Quinn is highly experienced in a wide variety of music, he holds a proclivity towards jazz music. Ever since freshman year, Aidan has been a member of the Leesville Jazz Band, and has found immense fulfillment through jazz music, and musicians. “Some of my favorite jazz trombonists are Wycliffe Gordon, Glen Miller and Trombone Shorty. All of them are really stellar,” said Quinn.

Besides a showing of immense musical talent, Aidan is also well-liked by his peers in and outside of the band. 

“Aidan Quinn is always able to give unique perspectives on any subject. He’s always optimistic and can look at anything in a positive light,” said Finn MacEntee, junior, via direct message. 

When it comes to music, you’ll find no one at Leesville Road High School more dedicated to the art of performance than Aidan Quinn. “It’s an opportunity to create something, to put something out there,” said Quinn. 


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