The Prince William Debate

William, Prince of Wales was announced as 2023’s most attractive bald man. Among other contenders, like Dwayne Johnson and Tyrese Gibson, Prince William came out on top.

Recently, a case study compiled by Reboot found that Prince William was 2023’s most attractive bald man based on the number of Google searches of “naked” and “shirtless” attached to his name.

Many were outraged by the results of the study, speaking out against Prince William’s victory. A poll led by The Mycenaean’s @lrhsnews Instagram account, 81% of Leesville Road High School students believe that Prince William did not deserve the victory. 

Leesville Students were questioned on Prince William’s attractiveness. “He used to be with it, but not really anymore,” said Sarah Price, junior. 

With the outcry against Prince William, some students hold strong opinions on their favorite follicly-challenged men. “I think Pitbull is the hottest bald man because his music is really awesome, and his baldness amplifies [the] awesomeness [of] his music by 10x,” said Nate Weaver, senior, via direct message.

Although some men fear hair loss, it seems that being bald is beautiful. A study by A.E Mannes found that in photos, bald men are “…more dominant, taller, and stronger” than the average man. 

Although Prince William may not be everyone’s pick for 2023’s hottest baldy, Leesville students still hold love in their hearts for the world’s bald men.


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