Jack Scheltinga’s BMW

Jack Scheltinga’s BMW 335i glistens in the sun. Many cars park in the Leesville Road parking lot, but there are only a few as cool as Scheltinga’s blacked out BMW 335i. (Photo courtesy of Jack Scheltinga)

Jack Scheltinga, senior, owns the modified black BMW 335i. Jack started his journey with this car 2 years ago and has been enjoying it ever since.

Scheltinga’s 335i has a plethora of performance modifications including upgraded Turbos (Pure600s), Upgraded Inlets & Outlets, VRSF Aluminum Chargepipe + TiAL BOV, VRSF 7.5″ Intercooler, Dual Cone Intakes, NGK 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs, OE Delphi Ignition Coils, VTT PCV Valve, ZHP Shift Knob, Style 167 19″ M6 Wheels, and Ceramic Brake Pads.

For automotive enthusiasts seeking the ultimate driving experience, diving into the world of high-performance modifications is a thrilling endeavor. From turbo enhancements to advanced ignition components, Scheltinga’s modifications have been carefully chosen to take his car to the next level. 

At the heart of any high-performance modification is a reliable and powerful turbocharging system. The Pure600s turbos deliver a significant increase in horsepower and torque. Scheltinga’s 335i has been outfitted with Pure600 turbos.

Scheltinga’s 335i has enhanced the airflow in maximizing the potential vehicle’s engine. Upgraded inlets and outlets contribute to a more efficient air intake process, working in harmony with the turbo system to deliver enhanced power and responsiveness.

The VRSF Aluminum Chargepipe, paired with the TiAL Blow-Off Valve (BOV), optimizes boost levels, contributing to quicker throttle response and a distinctive turbocharged sound.

Efficient cooling is paramount for consistent high-performance operation. The VRSF 7.5″ Intercooler effectively dissipates heat, ensuring that the air entering the engine remains cool, leading to improved power output and reliability.

Induction is a critical aspect of any high-performance setup. Dual cone intakes provide a more direct and less restrictive airflow path, resulting in a distinct engine sound and increased power gains.

Upgrading to NGK 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs and OE Delphi Ignition Coils ensures a more efficient combustion process. This modification enhances ignition reliability and performance, particularly under high-stress conditions.

A well-functioning Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is crucial for engine longevity. The VTT PCV Valve is designed to optimize crankcase ventilation, reducing the risk of oil contamination and maintaining engine health.

Enhancing the driver’s connection with the vehicle, the ZHP Shift Knob provides a more ergonomic and tactile feel during gear changes, adding a touch of performance-oriented aesthetics to the interior.

Style meets substance with the Style 167 19″ M6 Wheels. Not only do they provide a striking visual upgrade, but the larger diameter also allows for wider, high-performance tires, improving grip and cornering capabilities.

Completing the high-performance package, ceramic brake pads offer improved stopping power and reduced brake fade. This upgrade ensures reliable and consistent braking performance, even during spirited driving sessions.

“My car now with all of the modifications now makes around 600 horsepower,” said Scheltinga, senior. 

Scheltinga has been modifying his car now for 2 years. Overall Scheltinga has improved his car from the stock 335i that it used to be.


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