Students Receive Their PSAT

(A junior at Leesville receiving his PSAT score. He is shocked to see his score as it was not what he expected it to be. Photo Courtesy of Milo Wegmann)

Many students at Leesville Road High School got their PSAT scores back recently. Some students felt ecstatic about their scores while others felt a sense of dread. 

Alex Shloop, sophomore, is known for always sleeping during class. Unsurprisingly, he slept while taking the PSAT. When asked what his score was, Shloop said, “Wait what, we took the PSAT? I thought I was just dreaming about taking standardized testing during school.”

Unsurprisingly, Shloop scored a 50 on the PSAT out of a potential 1600 points. 

On the flip side, Mimi Brainsy, junior, the perennial top test-taker scored an impressive 1590 on the PSAT. However, following her impressive score, Brainsy could be heard throughout the halls complaining about her score. 

“I can’t believe I didn’t score a 1600. This test just seemed so easy, I mean I didn’t even have to study for it or anything.”, said Brainsy. 

When told about Shloop’s score, Brainsy seemed to have a sudden change of heart as she said, “Wow that’s a great score for Alex. I’m sure he worked hard to prepare for the PSAT, and he should be proud of his score.”

The change from physical tests to online testing also threw many students off. Some students prepared with pen and paper exclusively so when test day rolled around many didn’t even show up with computers.

This led to entire classrooms being without computers, because they had to be borrowed so students taking the PSAT could use them. This upset many students as they would no longer be able to play Google Snake or 2048 while in their normal class.

Other students took the switch to online testing more positively. Bob Tunes, sophomore, is an avid gamer at Leesville. Tunes was very vocal in his support of online testing: “I was worried I was going to get screen withdrawals if the test was paper-and-pencil so I am so glad it’s online. Now I am able to take the test while also staring at a screen, which is my favorite activity!” 

With the stress of PSAT testing over, many students hope to return to a normal school schedule, with the occasional fire drill of course. 


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