Student Spotlight: Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr.

Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr, junior, standing in front of the trophy cases at Leesville Road High School. Even on regular school days, Colbert-Lewis Jr. can be seen dressing smartly. (Photo used with permission of Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr.)

Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr. is currently a junior at Leesville Road High School, and an active member of the Leesville Road High School community.

Before high school, Colbert-Lewis Jr. attended Brier Creek Elementary, where he was an active member of the student newscasts, and then attended Pine Hollow Middle School.

Life at Leesville

Colbert-Lewis Jr. is an active member of the Leesville Road High School community, acting as a member of Varsity Cheer, Executive Council, Photo Club, and represents the school as a Leesville Liaison.

Acting in many volunteer positions, Colbert-Lewis Jr. loves assisting the school. “I always thought it’d be cool to have some benefit to the school,” Colbert-Lewis Jr. said. 

In the Executive Council, Colbert-Lewis Jr. enjoys creating events for students. “I remember any time I participated in a school event it made me want to join Exec [executive council] because I thought it was so cool how there are students running it.”

Colbert-Lewis Jr. is also a member of the school’s varsity cheerleading team, and can be seen performing at Leesville’s sporting events. “I enjoy the team aspect. Ever since being a part of a team, I think it’s really cool that there’s a sense of unity… I think it’s really fun to work out with people, try to get better and grow as a group.”

Interested in many subjects, Colbert-Lewis Jr. singled out a few of his favorites. “I’m interested in studying law. I’m also really interested in science,” Colbert-Lewis Jr. said. 

Elaborating, Colbert-Lewis Jr. said, “I love learning more about the human body and love learning about how to protect it in the court of law as well.”

Coming from a family of educators, his father, Sean Colbert-Lewis Sr. is the Associate Professor of History & Education at NCCU. Also, his mother Danielle Colbert-Lewis is Head of Research and Instructional Services at NCCU. 

“I always think that I was blessed to have two parents who were both educators… I feel as though I’ve always had strong leaders in my life,” said Colbert-Lewis Jr. Throughout his life, Colbert-Lewis Jr. hopes to emulate his parents, “I hope to have the same positive influence on other people [as they have.]”

 Life Outside Leesville

Colbert-Lewis Jr’s.’ life remains busy outside of his academics. In his free time, Colbert-Lewis Jr. is a member of the Leesville Photo Club and holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

After high school, Colbert-Lewis Jr. is looking forward to different job opportunities. “I do want to be a lawyer. Learning about law taught me how a lot of what we do or say can honestly be used against us, and I feel as if learning about the law is the best way to protect yourself.”

This past summer, Colbert-Lewis Jr. attended a Law Academy summer program at Georgetown University, attending legal lectures and discussions from recognized legal professionals.

Besides the law, Colbert-Lewis Jr. holds a passion for fashion. Revering brands such as Louis 

Vuitton and Gucci, Colbert-Lewis Jr. has stated that he dreams of entering into the modeling industry.    

Colbert-Lewis Jr’s. fashion aspirations aren’t just restricted to his future, as he can be seen around school in a myriad of trendy clothes, never taking an outfit for granted.

Colbert-Lewis Jr. takes a very active role in life, both in and outside of Leesville Road High School, “I feel that life is about trying new things,” Colbert-Lewis Jr. said. This dedicated student is sure to have a promising future ahead of him.


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