Real-Sports app review

The Real-Sports app in use at an NFL game. Users can see live updates as it happens in real time. (Photo Courtesy of Milo Wegmann)

Real-Sports is an up-and-coming sports app that seeks to revolutionize the way fans interact with other fans. Real-Sports seeks to revolutionize the way fans interact with each other through the use of social elements in its sports app.

Like other sports apps such as ESPN or CBS Sports, Real-Sports has advanced statistics. Many app users, such as Caden Mitchell, senior, love the way the app displays its statistics. 

“I love the way the user interface lays out all the statistics, it makes it really easy to digest everything,” said Caden Mitchell, senior. 

Real-Sports differentiates itself from other sports apps through its near-instantaneous play and score updates along with its social features. 

Users cite the ability to react to every play and chat with one another while a game is happening as a key reason why they keep using the app. The ability to have your reactions to a specific play or moment is very similar to X (Formerly known as Twitter), but since Real-Sports is sports-driven you are only surrounded by sports fans. 

“Probably my favorite part of Real-Sports is being able to interact with other users as plays are happening,” said Caden Mitchell. “It provides a unique experience that I really haven’t seen in other apps.”

Another feature that draws many users is the competitive aspect of the app. Users can bet “karma:” the virtual currency of the app, on different games in hopes of gaining more karma, and rax — a currency used to get player and team cards. 

A global leaderboard of karma encourages users to keep watching games and pass each other in karma amounts. 

Henry Wheater, freshman, is one of the many users who loves the karma system. 

“I’m a very competitive person by nature, so I love challenging my friends to see who can earn the most karma”, said Wheater. 

As Real-Sports continues to grow and add new features, many users will continue to use the app with new users calling it their go-to sports app. The future looks bright for Real-Sports. 


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