Is Crumbl Cookie Overrated?

The pink box with the Crumbl Cookie words and logo on top. My first time eating one -- I thought it was average and not special. (Photo Courtesy of Abigail Crawford)

Let’s be honest we have all had Crumbl Cookies at least once. Everyone always raves saying it’s so good. But let’s be even more honest — It’s not that good. 

Crumbl Cookie uses publicity from TikTok to get people to buy and follow trends. That is all that Crumbl Cookies is, though, a trend. 

So what makes their cookies special?

Nothing much, except the fact that Crumbl Cookies are larger than an average cookie, are thicker and have the unknown about new flavors coming out. But having larger cookies isn’t revolutionary. Cookies everywhere could be different sizes if that’s what makes them sell well. 

With the portion sizes being enlarged, no one should consume that much sugar at one time, especially if the consumer eats more than one. I don’t mean to sugar-shame anyone, but one cookie has 76 grams of sugar. An average woman should have 24 grams and an average man should have 36 grams of sugar a day, just to keep in mind. It’s bad for our health and doesn’t fuel us properly either. 

Others might be enticed by the flavors Crumbl Cookie has, but their flavor choices are seldom consistent, and you always need to check online which ones they have in stock. It’s inconvenient. 

While critics praise their marketing strategies, I think it feeds into consumerism. What if I just want one flavor, and they don’t have it? Why didn’t the owners decide to spell Crumbl right?

There is also boxing, the popular pink box that the cookies come sold in. They aren’t special. If every company put their goods in pink boxes, would they be as popular too? 

The answer is yes. 

Consumers value the aesthetic and the appearance of items more than the practicality of the taste. Why do you think humans keep buying and throwing away clothes even when they don’t need to? It feeds into consumerism and the peer pressure to buy goods that everyone else has to fit in society. Consumers have to look at what they are buying, and Crumbl Cookies is overrated because they feed into the unnecessary consumerism that is rapidly apparent in America. 

But I think it’s time: Down with the Crumbl Cookie pressure and hype. No one should be pressured into liking anything, especially if they aren’t that special or good. People want to buy into consumerism and buy what everyone else likes, or think is aesthetically pleasing. 

The hype is purely focused on peer pressure and the fact that everyone likes them, so why should I? It’s an average cookie with an average taste. Don’t listen when critics say Crumbl Cookie is more than exceptional.


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