Football Season Recap

(The Leesville Road Pride taking the field during their last home game before playoffs. Used permission by Ryan Huffman)

Last Friday night Leesville Road High School played against Cleveland high school looking to knock them out of the playoffs and advance to win a high school title.

During the game last week, Leesville put up 21 points against Cleveland but was not able to secure the win to move on in the playoffs.

Cleveland High School scored 49 points finalizing Leesville’s season and record to 9-3.

Although Leesville lost and is now out of the playoffs, players still had fun and enjoyed being coached and a part of the team.

During the season, the Leesville team worked hard during practices to fight for a high school title. Next year and the years to come after the team and coaching staff are hoping to move further in the playoffs and to also be 1st in the Cap6 conference.

Devon Goldston, a sophomore, said, “I play wide receiver for the team, and throughout the season I did decently. We could’ve done better as a team to get us further in the season.

“Overall to do better in the next season and the ones to come, we need to just play as a team and come together especially since we will be losing our seniors, which means sophomores and juniors need to step up and fill those spots of leadership to do well,” said Goldston.The team’s mental and physical mistakes led to the 21-49 lost to Cleveland.  “It also turned to the players and just how we do our job because we did play a little sloppy that game,” said Goldston

“But there is still work to be done on both the player and coaching side to try and help us to secure a title in the future,” said Goldston

Preston Lilley, senior, said, “My last season of football was a little disappointing, but it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being coached and working with the offensive lineman to get better every week and I think we exceeded that expectation.” 

In the 2023 football season, Leesville won their first playoff game against Richmond winning 27-0.

“I played my best game during the Richmond game — I had one good catch and I also made good blocks to help let my teammates score and result in a win for us,” said Goldston.

With the season ending a few seniors on the team are looking to play and continue their passion for football in college as well.

“Currently I plan to play during college right now, but I’m still figuring out where I want to go play,” said Lilley.

Throughout the season, one of the most important factors in making a good successful team is the team dynamic.

“The team dynamic was pretty good this year, we played as a team and I feel like since all of our seniors are leaving next year we will have to see what next year brings to us physically and also mentally,” said Goldston.

“I think we were better overall this year than last year, the team dynamic was a little weird but throughout the season things like team chemistry grew tremendously, especially the defensive and offensive line,” said Lilley.

In the future, Leesville is looking to work harder and work diligently to try and secure a championship title.


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