Alyssa Jackson Officially Signs to UNC Asheville

Alyssa Jackson, senior, with an exceptional passion for swimming, has officially signed to UNC Asheville, showcasing her dedication to the sport. Her outstanding skills make her a valuable asset to the UNC Asheville (UNCA) swimming team. (Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Jackson).

Alyssa Jackson’s swimming journey began at the tender age of four, when she was first introduced to the world of swimming. It wasn’t until the age of seven that she decided to jump into competitive water, igniting a passion that would prompt her to make the commitment to UNC Asheville, a testament to the years of dedication and hard work invested in honing her skills in the pool. 

Transitioning from YOTA Swim to TAC Titans at the age of 13, Jackson found her stride with the competitive team and has been a dedicated member ever since, contributing to her growth and success in competitive swimming. 

Jackson’s favorite event to compete in is the 100-meter breaststroke, and since joining the TAC Titans, she has made significant improvements in her performance. 

Dedicated to swimming, Jackson spends a substantial amount of time in the pool, committing approximately twenty-one hours a week to rigorous swimming practices. 

Swimming has not only been her athletic pursuit but has also gifted her a second family, teaching her values of good sportsmanship and camaraderie. 

“My teammates make practice fun, and they continuously encourage me to get better,” said Jackson. 

Jackson’s recruitment process proved to be a challenging journey as she navigated the complexities of selecting a college, a decision made even more difficult by her commitment to playing a sport. 

The weight of considerations emphasized the significant thought and deliberation required in choosing the right path for her athletic and academic future. 

The coaches and swimmers at UNCA were very welcoming towards Alyssa. They made her feel at home, as she could tell they wanted to know her as a person and not just a swimmer. 

“Everyone was so nice and welcoming; it made me feel confident that I would love it there,” said Jackson. 

During her visit to UNCA, she immediately knew it was the perfect school for her. Jackson was captivated by the picturesque location and campus; she also appreciated how the school was fairly close to home. 

Thrilled about the prospect of the next chapter, Alyssa is eagerly anticipating the start of her journey at UNCA next fall. In fact, she has taken three visits to the campus since her commitment last April.

With genuine excitement, she looks forward to becoming a valuable member of an exceptional team, surrounded by great individuals who share her passion for swimming. 


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