Bottle Cap Mural

During the November 3 Earth and Sustainability Club meeting, club members worked to sort hundreds of bottle caps for the bottle cap mural. (Photo used by permission of Katie Carrigan)

LRHS’s Earth and Sustainability Club is currently working towards creating a bottle cap mural to put up outside the school.

Katie Carrigan and Clara Davis, co-presidents, had the idea to use recycled bottle caps to create a mural for LRHS. 

The mural will be 100% student-made and student-led. The club asked its members to contribute to the mural by collecting bottle caps and bringing them to the meeting.

After acquiring the necessary number of caps, the club sorted all the caps by color.

Halle Gipson, freshman, said, “It was fun just being with friends and organizing and getting to be a part of the project as a whole group.”

The club also asked their club members to think of designs for the mural. 

Katie Carrigan, junior, said, “We wanted the club to be as involved as possible since they won’t be part of the actual building of the mural… we might end up offering club members service hours to help out on certain days but other than that, it’ll probably be just the club officers building the mural itself.”

The club’s vision for the mural is that it will brighten LRHS up as well as show a physical representation of the beauty in sustainability.

Alexis Cook, junior and secretary for Earth and Sustainability Club, said, “I honestly think that the hope for the mural is that it will show the importance of sustainability since it’s made of purely recycled materials, and also that it shows the spirit of the school and our community.”

Although the mural is still in the preparation step in the process, the Earth and Sustainability Club is confident that the mural will be their mark on the school.

Carrigan said, “All the club officers are juniors right now so we’ll all be graduating next school year and I think that the mural will be our mark on the school as a representation of what our club stands for and accomplished.”

The mural is set to be completed by the end of the 2023-24 school year.


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