Ms. Ford: First Impressions

Ms. Ford gives her students independent work time to finish their classwork at a self-determined pace. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

This year is Ms. Ford’s first year as a teacher and as part of the LRHS athletic training team.

Along with Mrs. Ennis, Ms. Ford ensures the safety of LRHS athletes by making sure the athletes and their equipment are in good condition.

Before coming to LRHS, Ms. Ford didn’t have any prior teaching experience. Ms. Ford said, “It’s hard…I am doing my best to learn strategies that keep the content interesting.” 

Despite her lack of experience, Ms. Ford has managed to plow through the material, keeping up with any other teacher. 

Keeley Klingler, junior, said, “I think Ms. Ford is doing really well…We’re learning really interesting stuff that’s beneficial to my future career.”

In Sports Med, students have the opportunity to learn materials ranging from how to maintain certain sports equipment to how to perform effective CPR.

Although she never planned to be a teacher, Ms. Ford said, “It feels amazing to finally be working in the role that I have been learning for so long.” 

Ms. Ford is already a well-known and appreciated teacher at LRHS. The school is very lucky to have her.


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