More People Should Go To The Library


Many people visit the library whether it be to check out books or to get work done. The Leesville Community Library offers computers and printing services for people with library cards to  get work done, do research, and more.

In my opinion, going to the library is an excellent way for people to find books needed for projects, assignments, or check out and read books that pique their interests just for fun. Also, the library is a great environment for them to study and can be a helpful resource.

If students ever want to check out a book at the LRHS media center that isn’t available, they can always search through Leesville Community Library as a second option.

Ms. Kate Taylor, the library manager, also agrees that more people should go to the library. “I enjoy that we offer resources to everyone, the whole community and I love that we have a beautiful environment outside,” said Taylor.

“…We have a really awesome staff and everyone should come and meet the staff and use the library,” said Taylor.

They also have fun engaging events such as storytime for younger audiences from time to time and Dungeons and Dragons according to the library’s event schedule.

 “Libraries play an essential role in local communities by providing access to information and resources, supporting literacy and education, promoting lifelong learning, and serving as a community gathering space,”  says an article by BiblioLifestyle

Going to libraries is beneficial as it provides a quiet space for people to read, study, and to be productive. It is recommended that students go to Leesville Community Library




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