LRHS Executive Council trick-or-treating event & Theatre haunted house 

The LRHS Executive Council will be using candy donated by Leesville students and clubs to create a safe environment for elementary and middle school students to “trick-or-treat” in the highschool.

On Tuesday, October 24, the LRHS Executive Council is hosting a Halloween trick-or-treating event for elementary and middle school students in the main building of the high school. 

Simultaneously, the LRHS Theatre program will be holding the first night of their second annual Haunted House. 

“Theatre started their haunted house last year, and we decided that we wanted to do something that was more appropriate for the kids, because their haunted house is…so scary,” said Tristan Moran, senior and vice president of the Executive Council. 

The trick-or-treating event is supported by volunteers from the Executive Council and other LRHS clubs. The event will allow kids to “trick-or-treat” from classroom to classroom on the first floor of the main building. 

Classroom doors will be decorated and answered by volunteers from various LRHS clubs who will hand out candy donated by students. In addition, a number of clubs will be stationed in the collaborative space to run Halloween themed activities. 

“We’re working really hard,” said Moran. “We’ve been making so many decorations, emailing schools, and getting a lot of candy.” 

The event is available to not only elementary and middle school students from Leesville, but also other schools such as Sycamore Creek Elementary and Brier Creek Elementary. 

Meanwhile, the LRHS Theatre has been working hard to create a spooky surprise for the parents and siblings of younger kids that are going to be trick-or-treating on Tuesday night. 

The theater program is hosting a haunted house for the second time this year. The haunted house will be on the night of the 24th while the elementary and middle schoolers are trick-or-treating as well as the night of the 26th. 

“We’ve been practicing and working on figuring out how to interact with the [guests] in the haunted house,” said Riley Mullen, senior theater student. “We have to be creative and find ways to be scary, but also safe, because we can’t touch people.” 

The haunted house will be held throughout the arts hallway, including the auditorium, green room, and the dance room. 

Tickets for the haunted house will be available at the door, and all proceeds will go towards supporting the theater program. 


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