Foods Class New Garden

The Foods II class now has a garden to grow fresh produce. Mrs. Schwinger’s Foods II class are now growing many different crops such as lettuce, peas, and spinach. (Photo courtesy of Banks Blizzard)

At Leesville, a lot of things happen in the main building, but Mrs. Schwinger’s class is putting the Murphy Building on the map with their new Foods II garden. 

Currently, the Foods class of the Murphy Building is working on finding out where the food they make actually comes from. 

Mrs. Schwinger is working on teaching her students not only how to cook food but also how the food they cook gets to their kitchens. 

The Food class’s new garden helps the students understand that farmers don’t always have it easy when growing crops for people to consume and that some people have to grow their own food. 

“This is Food II Honors, and we have a unit in our class that is all about local foods, and I think it is very important for the students to learn where your food comes from and how to grow it. I hope that one day… when you are planting something you remember this experience and say that was pretty cool,” said Schwinger. 

Knowing where your food comes from is extremely important, whether you are at the grocery store or at a restaurant. Knowing how the food you consume is prepared and sourced makes the eating experience so much better.

“I think the garden really shows how and where our food comes from and also the struggle that farmers and larger companies go through trying to grow crops and other animals… it lets you really see everything,” said Michael Watson. 

The Food garden has many different plants in it such as Romain and buttercrunch lettuce, broccoli, celery, sweet peas, radishes, Swiss chard, and collard greens. 

“My favorite plant in the garden is the radish. The radish is kinda like the underdog in the whole thing because there is only one so it’s kinda like the L ratio. I kinda just like it because it stands out,” said Adam Saib.

Most of the class likes the radish the most because there is only one in the entire garden. Although some of the students understandably said the plant they like the most is the one they planted themselves.

“My favorite plant in the garden would probably be the lettuce over there in the third box down because I planted it. I planted all of the lettuce so it’s nice to see my hard work grow,” said Watson. 

The Food class garden shows to both the students in the class and the students all around Leesville an example of where our foods come from. It is important for people to know where your food comes from and this garden does just that.


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