Energy Drink Addictions

Energy drink addicted students are everywhere in Leesville and high schools across the globe. Addiction to these drinks could cause long term harm to your bodies. (Photo courtesy of Banks Blizzard)

In the hectic world of school, many students wanting to earn good grades rely on energy drinks to get them through the day. 

Energy drinks help many students earn through long study sessions. Energy drinks insure that students get their work done on time. 

While the names and flavors of the energy drinks can be things like candy flavors, the ingredients pack a punch with loads of caffeine, sugars, and other ingredients. 

“I drink them (energy drinks) because I like the flavors of them. Also, when I’m tired it gives me something to wake me up,” said Evie Whitt, senior. 

While yes, these drinks may appeal to your taste buds, they might not be the best for your body nutritionally. 

According to GoodRX, energy drinks do not have any positive effects.  “Energy drinks may lead to negative health effects, such as dehydration, anxiety, and insomnia.”

The bad part about energy drinks is that they are addicting. One energy drink every now and then to get through a study session may be okay, the long term effects are still unknown. Short term effects show that they are addicting but long term effects (5 years) are not known because they have not been out for long enough. 

“I think that energy drinks aren’t good for you because once you have one everyday you start to have a reliance because you are addicted…there are lots of other ways to get energy other than energy drinks,” said Adam Saib, senior.

The quick boost they may provide might seem like a lifesaver, but it could also create a cycle where you find it harder to function without them. 

Sure, Red Bull might give you “Wiings” but what goes up must come down. Energy drinks are okay in moderation like most things, but when students are drinking energy drinks everyday, it could potentially pose a threat to their safety and wellbeing inside and outside of the classroom. 


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