Better mental health for students starts with skipping

Could skipping class improve your mental health? Students sit outside while skipping class to get better mental health and cool down. (Photo courtesy of public domain).

As we all know, the new Jacobs administration wants to end or just cut down on students skipping class by enforcing hall passes. Cutting down on students skipping classes may have an unintended negative effect on the average student.

Jad Branson, junior, is a common skipper and has lots to say about Ms. Jacobs new hall policies. “I hate it, I can’t cool down anymore. I would always go out during my third period class and grab my friends to talk and relax in the middle of the school day.” 

Branson is not the only one walking around the hallways during class — there are many teens walking around such as Jill Adler, sophomore. “Just like my friend Jad, I love going around campus; sometimes we just go outside and walk around the entire campus, or just leave and get some Bojangles or Chick-fil-A,” said Adler

Dr. Swift, a psychiatrist, said this about students skipping classes. “It is good for their mental health, it gives them a good break right in the middle of class to cool down and relax with friends. It gives them an opportunity to relax and get ready mentally for the rest of the day.”

While Branson and Dr. Swift think that this is helping his mental health, Mr. Johnson, an assistant principal at a neighboring school, doesn’t think skipping is good. “The kids have to realize that this is school time and not fun time, you can’t just have fun in school. School is meant for learning and becoming more knowledgeable about the human body and what happened in 17th century France,” said Johnson.

Skipping classes gives students more time to think, cool down and get ready for school and their next class, but administrators like Mr. Johnson don’t care about people relaxing and cooling down. Mr. Johnson just wants kids to learn and get better in classes like math and science.  


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