Fast Food Tier List

Fast food restaurants are one of the most popular go-to spots during the school lunch period. Because there are so many fast food options, students have preferences on which one they deem to be best. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Miller)

Fast food is popular amongst high school students due to the inexpensive prices, quick service, and overall convenience.

Majority of juniors and seniors at Leesville Road High School have an off campus lunch pass and often rush to their favorite fast food chain. Students choose fast food because it allows them to order and eat a full meal during the lunch period.

According to Law Insider, the definition of fast food is “an establishment that offers quick food service, which is accomplished through a limited menu of items already prepared and held for service, or prepared, fried or grilled quickly, or heated in a device such as a microwave oven.”

Some of the most well known fast food restaurants in the Raleigh area include: Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, Bojangles, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Wendy’s, Jersey Mike’s, Burger King, and KFC.

Everyone has their own opinions on which fast food chain is the best. Their opinions are based on previous experiences, quality of food, type of food, or customer service.

Tier lists is a way to rank fast food restaurants from worst to best.

Two students were interviewed and given the task to rank 15 popular fast food restaurants (listed above). The tier list used has five different categories. The categories from bottom to top include: worst, below average, mid, above average, and the best.

Rachel Hung, senior, created her tier list below:

Hung explained her reasoning behind a few of her rankings via iMessage.

Bojangles: “I put Bojangles as the best tier because I like their sweet tea and mac and cheese.” Hung rated Bojangles as the best for their food and drinks.

Chick-Fil-A: “Chick-Fil-A is above average because their fries are good, but I think it’s a bit overpriced.” She likes the fries, but the prices are too expensive, resulting in the above average tier.

Pizza Hut: “Pizza Hut is at mid because I like it, but they sometimes burn the pizza.” Hung gave Pizza Hut a mid rank because of the times she received a burnt pizza.

Jersey Mike’s: “Jersey Mike’s is the worst because they always mess up my order.” Due to the inconsistency with her orders, she gave them the worst rank.

Bailey Kunkel, sophomore, created her own version of the fast food tier list.

Kunkel explained her reasoning behind a few of her rankings.

Taco Bell: “Taco Bell is the best because even if they mess up your order it still tastes good.” She is always pleased with Taco Bell, giving it the best ranking.

McDonalds: “McDonalds is a hit or miss because it could either be dry and gross, or actually good.” She does not like the inconsistency of McDonalds, giving it a mid ranking.

Burger King: “They removed the only thing I liked from the menu (baked potatoes.)” Because Burger King does not have the baked potatoes, she gave them the below average ranking.

KFC: “KFC would give me the gross chewy parts of the chicken.” Due to the low quality of food, they received the worst ranking.

Every student has different opinions on which fast food chain is the best. However, most high school students can agree that fast food is convenient for the lunch period.


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