School Shooting in America 

Little kids running out of Robb Elementary scared because there was an active shooter in their school on May 27, 2022. Robb Elementary is in Uvalde Texas with about 16,000 people that live in that town. (Photo in public domain)

There has been many school shootings so far in the year 2023.

“It’s just a serious problem, and it’s not taken as seriously, and we shouldn’t be having this amount of school shootings this year,” said Jill Mayes, junior.

March 28, 2023 is when a 28 year old came into a Christian school and killed three children and three adults in Nashville, Tennessee. People think that the reason was that he was under care for an emotional disorder.

A lot of the school shootings that happened in America are because people were not in the right emotional headspace.

“We should have more mental help resources because that is one thing we are struggling with as a country,” said Mayes.

Mayes’ quote makes sense why there are so many school shootings is because of the lack of resources students can go to for their mental health. 

Teachers and school counselors play a big role in this, too. Some teachers and counselors don’t report the behaviors that may give hints that the student is not ok. 

In North Carolina, it’s mandatory that school should be practicing code red lockdown drills. Even though it’s a good drill to go over just in case something happens, it still doesn’t help with the safety because the shooter will know kids are hiding in the locked dark rooms.

One way to prevent school shootings in schools is posting numbers that students can call if they don’t feel comfortable talking to their counselors, teachers, or parents. 

Another way is paying more attention to who comes into the building. The people who control unlocking the door unlock the door for anybody. Not asking why they or are they and just letting anybody in the building. 

So maybe schools should somehow have people show identities or have metal detectors so people can walk through to make sure they have no weapons.

Having metal detectors might become problematic to some people. It might make some people feel like their privacy is being invaded. But it might help other students feel more safe knowing that people who come into the building are not bringing weapons inside.

Parents also play a big role as many teachers or counselors do. Some parents might not see the signs because they may not be as involved in their kids’ life as much as they should be. With them not being involved may result in not providing the help that their child might need. Some parents might be in their child’s life but not report or do something if their child’s behavior is off.

“I think about the availability of guns and what we can do to prevent these things from happening. There should be stricter gun laws,” said Mayes.

With their beginning no stricter laws on guns, allows school shootings to keep happening. With some states still allowing ghost guns doesn’t help stop school shootings.

School shootings and gun laws are not talked about enough by the government. Everytime a school shooting happens, it’s on the news for a simple news cycle — usually a few days. Then after a week, people stop talking about it until another one comes along, and it seems like the government is doing nothing about it.

If students stop being mean and bullying each other it can also prevent the students getting bullied  from having outbursts like causing a school shooting.

I feel like if parents get the help that their kids need and students stop bullying each other. Then maybe there will be fewer shootings. 


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