What is Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform for video games. The app has grown into the role of being one of the top streaming platforms. (Photo courtesy of Twitch)

Twitch is a live streaming platform used for content creators to stream video games. The app has become the top streaming platform with accumulating well over 31 million daily active users.

On the app, users can search up the game they would like to watch, and be shown hundreds to thousands of live streams for that game. If the user enjoys the streamer’s content, they can follow them to be notified when they will be live again.


Twitch has over 100,000 games being streamed constantly. Streamers have no limit to what games they can stream as long as they follow terms of service.

The games with the most attraction include: Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legends, VALORANT, Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rust, and more.

Users have the ability to favorite certain games so their recommended feed will be streams of games that were selected.

“I enjoy being able to watch highly skilled streamers play NBA2k22 because I often learn a lot from the gameplay,” said Quinn Corser, a Twitch user.

Some fans learn skills on how to improve from other gamers streaming, along with watching for entertainment.

Top streamers

Twitch has around 7 million active streamers as of April 27, 2023. Amongst the large quantity of streamers, only a small portion are successful.

Some streamers are committed to Twitch and stream as a full time job. The range that successful streamers can make goes from $3,000 to $6,500 a month from only subscribers. They can make more profits from endorsements and donations.

The streamers with the most active monthly subscriptions as of April 27, 2023, include: Jynxzi, Gaules, xQc, HasanAbi, and KaiCenat.

Streamers make $2.50 up to $12.50 per subscription. As for the current most monthly subscribed streamer, Jynxzi, makes up to $180,000 monthly from subscriptions.

Along with subscriptions, streamers have a follower count to influence the amount of attention they receive. The top five most followed streamers are: Ninja, AuronPlay, Rubius, ibai, and xQc.


Streamers can make a profit from their fans subscribing, gifting subscribers, or being gifted bits.

Subscribing to a specific streamer allows the user to have access to custom emotes, and have an icon next to their username when chatting. Users will also get no ads when they subscribe. A subscription costs $5.99 a month with the option of upgrading the subscription to gain more benefits such as exclusive emotes.

Being gifted a subscriber allows the user to have access to subscriber benefits to the streamer they are watching. It is $5.99 per gifted subscriber.

Gifting bits is the same as gifting money. Bits are the currency Twitch uses and allows users to give a desired amount of bits at a time. One bit costs $0.01, but there are options to buy in bulk.

“I like the currency system Twitch uses because it allows me to donate any amount I want, and also be able to unlock special perks for subscribing,” said Corser.Twitch will continue to grow and more streamers will arise and make a full time job out of streaming.


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