Sew Chic Boutique

Need something to hold your keys? Sick of carrying around your chapstick? Losing all your ponytail holders? Looking for somewhere to hold your cash or card? The Sew Chic Boutique has you covered, with any of these problems being solved for under $3. (photo courtesy of Maddy Winick).

The Sew Chic Boutique is back for a second year – other teachers in Wake County brought the idea to light outside of the curriculum, and Mrs. Winick, Apparel teacher, loved it enough to make it happen at Leesville.

Apparel II students spend a full week sewing the products, and another working on making posters for advertisement.

The Boutique will be open for the rest of the week during both A and B lunch (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). It is located right outside the school library, near the front lobby. 

The whole experience is one of the only projects where Apparel students have the opportunity to work as a team. Majority of the class assignments are done individually. 

“Students learn manufacturing methods such as producing multiple items, which also teaches them quality control and inspection,” said Mrs. Winick.

At the end of the week, students analyze which products and which colors sold the best, incorporating marketing skills discussed in the class.

For payment, students can either purchase items with cash, or through Venmo and Cashapp (@LRHSsew).

All the money is put into a class fund account which helps buy supplies for the next class business, and paper patterns for all apparel students for their final garment of the class.


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