7 ON 7 

Ryan Huffman, sophomore, assists his teammate with a catch. (Used permission of TY Visulas)

As the football off-season continues for Leesville Road High School, some of the players play 7 on 7 on the weekends.

These games take place on Saturdays and Sundays consisting of 1-2 games in one day.

Playing 7-on-7 football games helps LRHS football players in the off season because it allows them to get more reps in to stay ready and make sure they aren’t rusty for when tryouts come around at the beginning of next school year. 

Ryan Huffman, sophomore, said, “ I do 7 on 7’s because it helps me get ready in the off season for tackle football in the fall, and it’s just kind of what the whole team does.”

“The games are pretty much just offense and defense with no offensive or defensive linemen, so it’s really just skill players. You just go out and play football and have fun while playing,” said Huffman.

“7 on 7s are different from football because there’s no contact, so people don’t get hurt and hit, but it’s pretty similar, just no tackling, no defensive line and no offensive line,” said Huffman.

“We have games every weekend on Saturdays and have around 1-2 games, and these games help me get better because it helps me develop my skills in the off season and also helps you get to know your teammates better,” said Huffman.

Although 7 on 7s might be a good way to work on skills in the off season, offensive lineman and defensive linemen are not allowed to play since there is no tackling allowed in the games. Therefore there is no need for linemen to protect the quarterback.

Even though 7 on 7 football sounds different from a regular season game, the only difference is that there is no contact since the players wear no pads to protect themselves. This is a benefit though because players are still able to get reps in, and work on their skill in the off season without worrying about getting hit. And also possibly getting seriously injured before the season.

Kevin Holt, sophomore, said, “I participate in the 7 on 7s because I want to get my name exposed to different schools and just become a better player overall before the season starts.”

“The games are basically just two hand touch football games with 7 players on the field on one team and 7 on the other,” said Holt.

“7 on 7 is different from football because you can’t hit anyone in the games that’s number one, number two the plays are different with offense and defense since there are no offensive or defensive linemen and finally you play with different players and teammates you have never played with before,” said Holt.

Overall, Holt said, “The best part about these games is just to have fun and get better at the game in general”

As both players on the 7 on 7 team have said, the most important thing and most fun part about being a part of the 7 on 7s is just overall having fun with each other and making new friends with people from other schools that are on the team.

Collectively, the 7 on 7 games that Leesville Road High School football players participate in help the players develop more skill in the offseason, and is also the safest way to get reps in against other players that are high school level.


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