Why wearing makeup at school is a good thing

Wearing makeup at school is beneficial for the student. Makeup improves confidence and concentration in school, along with an array of other benefits. (Photo Courtesy of Kira Lamm)

Many Leesville students have makeup included in their morning routine. A handful of people argue that wearing makeup to school is inappropriate; however, it offers a variety of positive effects for the user. 

Individuals wear makeup for differentiating reasons, incorporating different forms of makeup into their look. Some reasons are disagreed upon; however, the majority are beneficial. Some reasons include covering insecurities to blend in, enhance their features, or stand out and express themselves. 

It is a given that makeup enhances a person’s confidence. A person’s self-confidence determines if they feel attractive to not only their peers but also themself. When someone looks good, they feel good, which translates into their behavior and attitude. 

Saf Brewer, senior, wears makeup to stand out and uplift her confidence.   “I wear makeup to express myself creatively. It boosts my confidence. I can’t live without it,” she said. 

Brewer’s makeup routine takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of looks she wants to achieve. 

“I get up early to do my routine. If I don’t have time to do it at home, I’ve got makeup in my car to use when I get to the school parking lot,” she said. 

While makeup seems like a chore (especially when you have to get up early) most people do not see it as one. 

An undervalued reason people wear makeup is that the routine is a calming activity, if time allows. It provides a period of relaxation before a busy day starts. Also, taking it off and following it with skincare is a relaxing way to unwind after a stressful day. The routine offers an opportunity to practice mindfulness. 

“I enjoy doing my makeup — the process is fun for me. I like being creative,” said Brewer. 

Similar to art and fashion, makeup is a way to exercise creativity. 

“Makeup is just like clothing; people have certain styles. It defines who they are and how they want to express themselves,” she said. 

Makeup is another form of expression that empowers individuals to choose how they want their peers to perceive them. It also plays a role in how they perceive themself. Makeup allows individuals to make a statement and set their aesthetic, especially when paired with fashion. 

The opportunity for teens to figure out how they want to express themself is crucial during their youth. School years are supposed to be a difficult time filled with awkwardness. Youth is the best time to experiment and learn things the hard way, including how they want to be perceived. These years allow teens to develop their sense of personal style. 

“It builds character and confidence,” Brewer said. 

Wearing makeup at school also contributes to improved academic performance. Students wear makeup to feel confident in themselves and their appearance, similar to how adults wear a full face and an outfit they feel professional and powerful in. 

A lot of pressure is placed on teens to conform to the current beauty standards, particularly when social media pushes out beauty trends left and right. Most people do not fit the ideal beauty standard, resulting in insecurity. While it is not a beneficial mindset, having the ability to cover their insecurities and enhance their natural beauty eases the stress of fitting in. Even a dot of makeup provides self-assurance and peace of mind for students. 

When a person is content with their appearance, it translates to a happy and relaxed mood. A relaxed state of mind is the ideal state to be in for academics. 

“Makeup makes me perform better in school because I am not so concerned with how I look. I have more space in my mind to focus,” said Brewer. 

Without being consumed by their insecurities, students can concentrate on their studies and walk into a classroom with their heads held high and confident. This confidence also lets them feel more at ease while working with their peers, as they are not so focused on worrying about what their peers think of them. 

Covering insecurities and altering one’s appearance does strike as controversial, especially in a school setting. Arguments stemming around what age is appropriate to wear makeup are prevalent. There is a concern that makeup at school is distracting. Makeup tends to have a sexual connotation attached to it, therefore, deeming it inappropriate for younger students to wear. This applies heavily to bold looks with unnatural colors and designs. However, this argument has an easy answer to it: self-control. Lack of self-control among students is the problem, not the makeup. A student’s inability to focus is not the fault of the individual wearing makeup. Students need to practice controlling their emotions regarding one of their peers wearing makeup. 

Age does play a significant factor in the appropriateness of makeup. Makeup does not have much of a place in elementary school. Children should enjoy their childhood rather than focus on cosmetics. In middle school, there should be a natural progression into makeup as students get older. 

“I feel the earliest age to wear makeup should be 13, but only natural makeup. As you get older, you can gradually increase to a full face if you want,” said Kennedy Ford, senior. 

Another concern is bullying. If an individual wears a look that does not match society’s definition of normal, parents fear they will get bullied. However, the opposite occurs at Leesville. Students receive positive comments while wearing makeup. 

“When I don’t wear makeup, I feel like I stand out more than when I do wear it. I’ve had my acne pointed out or people will ask if  I am sick, explaining that I don’t look well or I look messy,” said Ford. 

I have never received a negative comment on my makeup. Classmates compliment my makeup and even encourage it. It opens for conversation and has been the conversation starter that has helped me meet really cool people,” Brewer said. 

Many positives come with wearing makeup at school and in general. Leesville has a supportive environment full of encouraging classmates, making Leesville a safe place to be yourself.


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