Teacher Spotlight: Coach Frazier

This is a picture of Jonathan Frazier at Disney World during summer. He is new athletic director after Mr. Rogers stepped down. Frazier also coaches the boys varsity basketball team. (Photo used by permission of Jonathan Frazier)

At Leesville, Russ Frazier is the new athletic director. He is a coach for Leesville Road basketball team and has been coaching for 20 years.

“I have been the assistant athletic director for 7 years. I learned a lot from Coach Rodgers and he was a great athletic director and a great friend,” said Jonathan Frazier.

Originally from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, he graduated from University of North Carolina Wilmington. He earned his degree in Biology and health and physical education.

“I have played college basketball and high school basketball my whole life and I played soccer as a high school athlete,” said Frazier. 

One of Frazier’s favorite things about his job is being able to help students.

“Being the athletic director I know I have the ability to help more than just a few. So as athletic director I get to help more team and more students,” said Frazier.

Some things that Frazier loves about the Leesville community is that most of the students grew up with each other because most students either went to Leesville Elementary, Leesville Middle, and Pine Hollow Middle School.

“Meeting people and meeting new people here you will find out it’s a big place but it is a small place at the same time. You might meet someone new and that new person you meet might lie 4 blocks from you,” said Frazier.

The relationship Frazier has with his students and coworkers is really close. He loves to wake up everyday, be able to see kids, and help them with anything they need.

“I’m a son of a teacher — my father was a teacher for 42 years and a coach. This is a family business. I feel like I’m here for the kids and that’s what I get up in the morning to do,” said Frazier.

Because he grew up in a small town, he chose to come to Leesville because he wanted his daughter to grow up in the community, so she feels like she is in a small town and everybody in it.

One thing Frazier loves to do outside of teaching and coaching is to hang out with his wife and daughter.


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