Pepi is a class where students help little kids with special news, to get them active. This is one example of an activity they use to get them active. ( Photo used by permission of Pexels)

Leesville Road High School (LRHS) has an elective class called Pepi that helps interact with special needs students. 

“We help out and play games with students. It helps them  develop skills so we work with the high school special needs kids,” said Kaylee Miller, a senior who is in Pepi.

The students who are in pepi play sports to interact with the special need kids and go to 5th grade PE to help with their sports also.

The Pepi class helps LRHS special needs students and Hilburn Elementary School’s PE 5th grade class.

“We go to Hilburn a few days a week and work with a 5th grade gym class. We are responsible for getting there, so we drive ourselves over there, sometimes riding together,” said Bell Volkringer, a junior who is currently taking Pepi.

Taking Pepi comes with benefits like building bonds with students and understanding special needs students. You also benefit by bringing students joy by just playing with them and helping them out.

Pepi class 1st semester is during 3rd period and 2nd semester it is during 4th period. Jason Wyss teaches the class.

“Coach Wyss is a great teacher for PEPI. He gives us freedom to plan the classes how we want but also gives good input for lesson plans if needed. He always helps us with equipment and getting materials we need for the class,” said Volkringer.

To sign up for Pepi, you can either go talk to your guidance counselor about getting put in the class. Or when you register for class you can choose Pepi for I and II because it is an all year class.


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