Ms. Bullard Spotlight

In 2021, Ms.Bullard and her family traveled to Montana over the summer. From left to right the people in the photo: Mike Bullard, Alison Bulard, Morgan Bullard, and Cody Bullard. (Used by permission of Allison Bullard)

Ms. Bullard has been at Leesville for 8 years and throughout the years she has been considered a great teacher by the students. 

Every teacher stays teaching for a reason whether that may be the kids or the environment. 

“I like to be around kids. I like that not every day is the same. I feel like I had a job where every single day I did the same thing in and out I would get bored, everyday is different,” said Allison Bullard, science teacher. 

Ms. Bullard’s family comes from a long line of educators — “My mom was a teacher, my great grandfather was a teacher so it just kind of felt natural to me.”

Everybody grows up somewhere and that place can majorly affect your life, from the people you are friends with, your home life and many more things. For Ms.Bullard that place is Raleigh. While she may have been born here she did leave some times, “I lived in New York after college, I lived in Virginia. In New York I lived outside the city in the mountains.”

During the 2023 spring break Ms.Bullard and her family traveled to valley cruises park in western North Carolina. 

Everybody has a hobby whether that be camping, skiing, fishing or sailing. We all have something to settle our nerves and to cool us down. For Ms.Bullard, “I like to hike, I like to do puzzles, Like to do Photography  and I like to spend time with my family.”. 

Ms. Bullard has a way of connecting to her students in a different way than most teachers. “She is positive and obviously passionate about science and teaching and I think that really influences her students’ learning in a positive way,” said Tillie Noyes, a sophomore at Leesville.

While many people can be good teachers, only some can be good high school teachers. Ms.Bullard has had the opportunity to teach middle school to college classes, but her favorite is high school.  I like the curriculum, I like the challenging part of the curriculum but I also like that high school students are driven to succeed for the next level.”

It is said that to teach is to learn twice and that is very true for all teachers –you must learn that you don’t know everything before you can teach. “I don’t know everything, there is always more to learn,” said Bullard.

Ms.Bullard is a kind and caring teacher that is always looking out to make your life inside school more enjoyable and better. “I think she truly cares about students and our happiness in her class and how we learn,” said Noyes.

Ms.Bullard is a kind and caring person who just wants to make her students’ experience inside of school a happier one. 


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