Projects V.S. Tests in Schools


Projects and tests are two common ways teachers evaluate the knowledge of students and what they’ve learned in class. Students often prefer projects although they are not often given over tests. (Photo Courtesy of Viviana Straniero). 

Tests are the main way teachers determine what the student has learned in class. Projects are an alternative way but not as often given. 

Majority of students prefer projects over tests to determine their knowledge, so why aren’t they given more? 

It is argued that tests are an invalid way to determine what a student has learned. Tests cause stress and anxiety, causing students to fall under pressure. However, projects are greatly appreciated by students as they call for less stress and are overall more enjoyable. 

Unlike tests, projects help students develop communication skills and teamwork. Communication and teamwork skills are extremely important for students to learn as it will be used in their future.

Projects replicate real life scenarios and tests do not replicate any situations students may encounter in the future as well as projects do. 

Projects cause less stress on students because they get to communicate and socialize with other students and collaborate on their ideas together. Students don’t feel the pressure of studying and getting questions right or not, instead they are able to be creative by expressing their knowledge of what they’ve learned in an innovative way. 

A study shows that students who had project-based learning performed three times better and even improved on their national exam. 

Sophia Beruk, senior, prefers projects over tests. “I enjoy projects more because they are less stressful and I like working with others, whereas tests are more pressure and you have to do them individually,” said Beruk. 

Freddy Ainsworht, junior, agrees with Beruk. ¨I always do better on projects than tests and I also like working in groups instead of by myself,¨ said Ainsworth. 

Mrs. Sawyer, English teacher at Leesville, prefers projects over tests. ¨I would prefer giving projects because for english classes I would emphasize that writing is a process and requires drafting.” 

Projects should be used rather than tests because students perform better and feel it’s a better way to show what they know. 


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