Student Preparations For Spring Sports Tryouts 

Students attending the Women's soccer workouts. The players are scrimagging against each other.(Photo Courtesy of Cameron Broer)

As second semester starts, so do tryouts for spring sports. 

Anyone can try out for the following sports but you must have your Dragonfly filled out before you can try out. Tryouts that take place in the the spring are the following such as Men’s baseball, Mens golf, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Tennis, Softball, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Soccer and Track & Field

Spring sports bring an opportunity for people to get more involved athletically and become more fit and physically active.

Tryouts for all spring sports will take place at Leesville Road High School, depending on the sport that students are trying out for, tryouts will start on Monday, February 13.

Faris Elhicheri, sophomore, said, “I am planning on trying out for the Leesville Road High men’s Lacrosse team.”

Kate Daly, sophomore, said, “I played Women’s Soccer last year and am going to try out for the team again this upcoming season.” 

Spring sport athletes have been going to workouts throughout the off season to work on becoming better at their sport.

“Some things that I have been doing to try and prepare myself for lacrosse are working on my fundamentals like catching, throwing and shooting, as well as cardio to overall prepare myself for tryouts,” said Elhicheri. 

“I am preparing for soccer by going to the workouts and also by lifting weights and running at the gym,” said Daly. 

These two students are putting in the effort and time to become better athletes and have a better chance of making their desired teams to play on. Both Faris Elhicheri and Kate Daly are preparing and trying their best to be the best athlete they can be.


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