Powderpuff Event Update

The class of 2023 as juniors, huddle up on the night they won the powderpuff game on October 13, 2021. Due to track renovations and other issues, this was the last time a powderpuff game was played at Leesvilles. (Photo courtesy of Emma Nani)

The Annual Powderpuff Flag Football Game for the 2022-23 school year has a more official week to start: the last week of April. 

The announcement comes as the Executive Council still tries to figure out an exact date to use the field. 

“For Powderpuff, we are planning on incorporating it into our Spring Carnival since we were unable to use the field in the fall to incorporate it into Homecoming,” typed Elliot Worth, Executive Club president, over text.

Worth typed that powderpuff would be the same as usual but with a little extra due to the Spring Carnival.  “It will just be happening on the field while the Carnival goes on around it on the track,” said Worth.

According to Worth, the collaboration of events is intended to “make the carnival a bigger thing than it was last year,” with Powderpuff involved.

“We want to get clubs, sports, and honor societies involved in running carnival games and booths,” said Worth. 

The Executive Council hopes the carnival will bring in younger kids and the powderpuff game will bring in high schoolers.

“It is really nice to hear a more official date for Powderpuff,” said Kal Behailu, senior. Behailu is very excited to participate in Powderpuff and win again this year.

Stay tuned for more Powderpuff updates as the Executive Council releases them.


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