How to make friends in new classes

It can be hard for some people to make friends. Not everyone is outgoing, but it is a good idea to become friends with whoever is sitting next to you. (Photo Courtesy of Samantha Mcgaughey)

With a new semester comes new classes, and with new classes comes a new set of classmates. Some you know, and some you don’t. If you find yourself sitting next to someone you’ve never met, try these tips to make a new friend.

  1. Think of a compliment

Look at the person next to you, do you like their shoes? Maybe their shirt, or their backpack, or even maybe their pencils. Simply comment on something that you find cool. Everyone likes compliments and it will be easy for you to ask “where did you get that” and spark up a conversation about it. 

“During APES, I didn’t really know anyone, so I looked at the person next to me and just complimented their shoes! That started a whole conversation” said Angie Mejia, sophomore. 

  1. Ask if they know what is going on in class right now

When learning something new that you don’t understand, whisper to the person next to you, “do you have any idea what’s happening” if they don’t you two can have a great laugh about not knowing! If they say yes, ask them to explain it to you, after that, you can start to help each other with school work, and eventually start talking about things other than school.

  1. Ask for the homework

Did you forget to do the homework from last night? If yes, then this is a perfect opportunity to talk to the person next to you! Ask them if you could see their answers for homework. Laugh about how you didn’t do it. Tell them why exactly you couldn’t get it done, maybe it was a sports game or a club meeting, perhaps this will show that you two have common interests. 

While these are all good ideas, a simple thing to do is just say hi! There is no reason to be scared, they most likely want a friend in the class too!


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