Goldfish vs Cheez-Its 

These cheesy crackers have divided all snack lovers. Which type of person are you? (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

Two of America’s favorite snacks include Goldfish and Cheez-its. Millions of people adore both crackers; however, most people have a preference over the two.

Mimin Mostafa, sophomore, said, “Cheez-its have so much more flavor and goldfish have a weird aftertaste that I don’t like.” 

Peyton Holt, junior, said she likes goldfish better. “I like their shape more and they smile back at me. Also they’re saltier and taste better.”

Based on their serving size, Goldfish holds 250 mg of sodium versus Cheez-its with 230 mg of sodium, proving that Goldfish are in fact saltier.  

Sophie Wierzbicki, sophomore, said, “Cheez-its are more cheesy.” When asked about extra toasted Cheez-its, she said, “my favorite. I like those better than the regular ones.”

“I think Goldfish are better. They just have more flavor and I think Cheez-its, I feel like they can go stale faster,” said Milo Weggman, sophomore. 

Sophia Bacchi, sophomore, said, “Cheez-its taste burnt most of the time and Goldfish have a better taste.” 

Since Cheez-its are made out of real cheese, the taste of them can change in the box. They have a more burnt, sharp flavor. Goldfish, on the other hand, is more light and airy.

When it comes to variety, Goldfish takes the cake with 21 flavors- meanwhile, Cheez-it lovers are limited to only 13 flavors. 

Holt said, “I think there’s more variety in Goldfish because they come in all different kinds of shapes.”

Regarding the variety of Goldfish, Mimin Mostafa (a cheez-it lover) said, “They all taste the same in my opinion.”

Based on the interviews conducted, this battle is a difficult one with many supporters on either side. I guess it really depends on what you look for in your ideal snack. Do you prefer your cracker to have a more intense and cheesy flavor? Or does your food smiling back at you make your day? Either way, it’s safe to say that both cheesy snacks are loved by many. 


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