Girls Taking Physical Training Classes 

Sarah Mitta, junior, bench pressing 45 lbs. Mitta is working out during physical fitness class. (Photo Courtesy of Cameron Broer)

Very few girls take weight training and extensive training classes. In Ben Kolstad’s second period Weight Training II class, 3 out of 31 students are girls.That’s only 10% of the class being girls. 

Students signed up for this elective at the end of last school year. Many changed their minds and switched out of the class, making the ratio of girls to boys taking the class large.

Carson Webb, sophomore, said, “I did weight training one and took weight training two …I took weight training to get stronger and improve my athletic performance in basketball.” 

Sarah Mitta, junior, agrees. “This is my first time taking this class, …I took the physical fitness class because I wanted to improve my physical journey.” 

“Outside of school, I go to the gym, and I have a personal trainer for basketball,” said Webb.

“I workout outside of school sometimes, but not on the regular,” said Mitta.

Both of these students took this class to improve their physical fitness inside and  outside of school as well. By taking this class it helps improve your strength and ability to become more athletic

Very few girls take this class, but the ones that take the classes participate in order to improve their athletic abilities.


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