Bojangles Satire

The Bojangles sign might only be up for a few more weeks. The Leesville students would be crushed if the Bojangles is closed. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

For most of the modern world, Bojangles is just an average fast food restaurant, but for high school students at Leesville, it is the best thing on the planet.

The closing of the Bojangles  will come as bad news to most upperclassmen at Leesville, but the Bojangles closest to Leesville is shutting its doors at the end of February.

When students at Leesville learned that the Bojangles was closing, the news destroyed them.

“I can not believe that Bojangles would do this to me, where I will go for lunch now. I might as well starve,” said a random junior.

A recent poll shows that 90% of students at Leesville go to Bojangles every week and 70% of students believe that their life would be horrible when they close the Bojangles in February. 

The idea of the Bojangles closing has pushed some students to create a petition to try to keep the Bojangles open. As of February 1, 2022, the Petition has gotten 500 signatures with a goal of 1000 signatures. 

Jack Fulk, senior, is responsible for the creation of the petition. 

“I created the petition to tell the people of Bojangles you are still needed and loved both at Leesville and all across Raleigh. We do not know whether this petition will work or not but we must try,” said Fulk. 

It is clear now, more than ever, that the students of the Leesville community will do anything to keep the Bojangles open. With some students even going as far as making a petition, the people of Leesville are crying out for the Bojangles to stay open.


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