The Circle Season 5

The Circle is one of Netflix’s many new reality shows. Season 5 recently came out. (Photo Courtesy of Kaelyn McCann)

Season 5 of Netflix’s show The Circle premiered its first 4 episodes on December 28. Episodes were dropped in chunks of 4 on January 4 and 11 — the season finale premiered on January 18. 

The premise of the show is a “social media contest.” Contestants on the show message each other via “The Circle,” without ever meeting in person. Contestants can play as themselves, a catfish, or a combination of the two. The goal is to get voted an influencer and not get blocked; at the end of the game whoever is the top influencer wins $100,000. 

Some of my personal favorite players this season were Raven, Chaz, Sam, and Tom. 

Raven has also been a circle favorite, being voted top influencer the most out of anyone this season. From what we see on the show, she is kind, enthusiastic, and outgoing. Raven is also deaf, and makes it clear throughout that “the only thing deaf people can’t do is hear.” 

Raven has played a strong game by just being herself, she made a strong alliance with Chaz, as well as a romantic alliance with Marvin. 

Chaz is all-around loved by most of the players of the circle. He is sweet and just gives off loving energy. Chaz made a strong alliance with Raven, Sam, and Tom. 

Sam is sassy, high-energy, and loves hard. She is from New York, so you know she doesn’t take anyone’s drama. She had an issue with Jenifer, who is a strong player, suspecting Jenifer of being shady. 

Last is Tom — Tom is a sweet, fun-loving, clown, from the UK. Tom was insanely funny but later began opening up to the players in the circle — this giving him a boost in the rating. Tom had a strong alliance with Jenifer and Chaz but was blocked in episode 11. 

Overall, Season 5 of the circle is really good and captivating. It reminded me of season 1, which was by far my favorite. I’m excited to watch the finale. 



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